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The story of Sir Williams

The story

The most requested tea blend at Sibyllans Kaffe & Tehandel is the very popular "Sir Williams". This widely celebrated and by many so loved tea blend was created by the company founder Hilmer Hansson at the store on Sibyllegatan 35 during World War II, when coffee rationing existed in Sweden.

Wilhem, Hilmers beloved brother, was the one who came to lend his name to the new good tea blend. s
Sir William is included as classically choice on many of Stockholm's and the rest of the country's esteemed restaurants, cafés and in selected stores in Europe and the U.S.

Sir Williams is a rich and flavorful tea blend that consists of seven different varieties of Chinese tea leaves. The mixture is still a secret; little red, some black, some green - spiked with red flowers. The rest remains a closely guarded family secret.

A little red, some black and some green

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